4 models for bathrooms with showers

When renovating our bathroom, we often ask ourselves the same question: do I adjust the bathtub or do I choose it? Bathroom with shower? At The Bath we have solutions for everyone. In this article we offer you different models of bathrooms with showers so that you can be inspired.

Models with shower trays

Did you know that there are different materials that shower trays are made of? Here we leave you with the four most popular bathroom models with showers and their most striking features with which we have on our website.

1. Resin panels and mineral filler

This type of shower is one of the most popular. the Shower resin and mineral fillersI’m best known as the shower tray type advice or a shower Pierre. They are usually shower trays It consists of 70% a mixture of marble and resin and 30% other materials.

Other aspects that should be highlighted about this type of resin and mineral filler shower tray are: his great resistanceand on dents and scratches.

son non-slipThey are therefore considered to be safer and less slippery.

On the other hand, maintenance and cleaning are one of the positive points of this type of shower because these products are used continuously Neither color nor appearance are generally changed.

If that’s what you’re looking for Adjust it to your tasteThis type of material is ideal for this. This will be very aesthetic and can be adapted to any bathroom.

While this type of shower is similar to other models, those made with resin and mineral fillers are on the small side. more expensive due to the quality of their materials However, over time they guarantee a longer lifespan.

2. Ceramic shower trays

the Ceramic shower traysare currently The cheapest on the market. If you are looking for value for money this is the material. They are characterized by their endurance.

However, there are other less positive aspects of this type of material, such as: quite slippery and cold to the touch. In addition, this type of material is Not can be made to measureIt would only be necessary to adapt to the proposed measures.

Another disadvantage is that this type of material would be more in the event of a break or crack formation difficult to repair.

Ceramic shower trays are however A good option if you are on a budget to reform your bathroom.

3. Acrylic shower trays

the Acrylic shower trays They usually consist of an outer acrylic layer and an inner layer, which can be fiberglass or polyurethane. Glass fiber is better quality, more durable and therefore more expensive, while polyurethane is lower quality, less resilient and less expensive. However, the decision is yours.

These dishes offer a higher impact and scratch resistance, even to be able to rebuild. On the other hand, they are Non-stick and non-slip so that you suffer less from sliding with them.

They stand out in their own way too feel warm and are usually easier what will lead to much easier installation. It is appreciated when it comes to the word work.

Still they are prone to drowning over time and on the other hand, if abrasives are used, the acrylic material will degrade and fade over time …

After all, these boards aren’t bespoke either, so it would be necessary set to standard dimensions.

4. Shower tray Plus + Ton from Althea

As a novelty we have a new collection at The Bath More resistant shower trays made of porcelain enamel and … with less thickness on the market! If what you are looking for is a material for life, but vice versa and with all its guarantees, More + tons of Althea is what you are looking for.

This porcelain surface is 100% scratch resistant. In addition, it has been shown to be completely resistant to both Abrasion like scratching.

Althea guarantees the surface non-slip. The process of melting this material ensures the seal of the oxide, which is a very common problem with shower trays as problems of this type usually appear over time. This way The development of pathogens will be eradicated.

Material, completely non-toxic, then prevents bacterial growth. Find out more + TON® está certified as an anti-stain and anti-limescale agent.

On the other hand, it stands out in a unique way 3 centimeters thick. Thanks for that can be installed in any bathroom. When we said it was the best on the market, it was true.

Now that you know the features and Bath models with showersWho will you choose Do not hesitate to enter our catalog Find all of these models and many other options for your bathroom.