[2021] What does a complete reform cost per square meter?

We usually talk about it Price to build or repair square meters. This rough valuation method of a work, be it a reform or a new build, can usually give us a price for knowing more or less – more than more – where the plans are going.


Price per square meter of repair (updated until 2021)

price square meters a reform is more difficult to evaluate than that of a new building, because in this case the price will vary depending on the type of reform you want to undertake: reforming a kitchen is not the same as a bathroom; it’s not the same, a. close Face wash the Integral reform Floor that includes the facilities. So that, Calculating the repair cost per square meter is not a very accurate method, but tends to be under 400 – 800 euros per square meter. As you can see, the price can vary widely depending on whether it is a small reform or a large reform.

In the table below you will find the approximate price of the different square meters, updated in 2021 (excluding VAT) from a Integral reform :




Housing surface
Average price m2
Scope of the reform Approx.
Average price m2
Scope of the reform Approx.
Average price m2
Scope of the reform Approx.

70 m²
€ 311 21 798 € 327 € 22 946 € 404 € 28 299 €

100 m²
238 € 23 819 € 258 € 25 819 € 327 € 32 746 €

150 m2
170 € 25 513 € 183 € 27 574 € 238 € 35 788 €

200 m²
160 € 32 194 € 175 € 35 034 € 210 € 42 058 €

    • Replacement of the electrical installation
    • Change of heating
    • Change window
    • Floors
    • Door joinery
    • Painting and wallpaper
    • New kitchen
    • Thermal baths


The price per square meter depends on the quality you are looking for

The qualities sought will also be decisive for the price per square meter. At Plan Reforma, we know Difference between average quality and economic quality maybe near 15-20%; The difference between medium and high quality can be almost infinite, so the difference between economical and high quality can be more than double …

How much does a complete reform cost per square meter?

You We recommend that you start with medium quality and from there it goes up or down depending on the budget you have in mind, always prioritizing what you use the most (if you love to cook, invest more in the kitchen) and what is harder to change is (a good is usually a good.) investment if you will spend your whole life in this apartment).

How is the reform budget generally calculated?

usually Renovation firms Usually they relate to the cost of renovating the kitchen, renovating the bathroom, doing a complete renovation of the apartment … but of course each floor is sacred, there is a certain area … In the end, you can give a budget for the renovation of yours The professional has to go to his office to carry out the tour.

Price per house per square meter

To get the right numbers, professionals take measurements on the ground and take their measurements so they know how many square meters of all materials are needed.

Definitely with us Blog We’ve talked many times about how much different types of repairs cost in general, such as: change shower,do Terrace roofing Oh Replacing windows at home. All of these articles are grouped under the label Repair price.

How do you calculate the repair costs quickly and reliably?

In Plan Reforma we invented an algorithm that automatically calculates the dimensions of each type of house (apartment or house) so that by simply entering the basic data of the house (area, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms), you can mark what you want want to reform (Painting, replacement of floors, lights, windows, kitchen and bathrooms), you get a really reliable assessment of Price reform. If you want, you can divide the result of our calculator over the area of ​​your apartment and you will receive the price per square meter of your repair

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