[2021] Top 4 work file management programs

You wonder what it is File or document management program: It is a digital solution that supports the storage, tracking and archiving of documents. All companies that want to organize their documents and have access to them at all times must have one, so we want to show you the benefits of using, in addition to recommending 4 programs with which you can manage your business documents:


Benefits of Using a File Manager

  • Create a folder: You can organize your documents in folders and subfolders depending on your work and project
  • Easy access: By uploading files to the cloud, you can access them anywhere, on the device you want.
  • Easy to share: If necessary, you can quickly share documents with your customers without driving to the office or delivering in person
  • Document control: Having all your documents in one place gives you more control over the various files and allows you to edit them quickly and easily.
  • Management improvements: Everyone involved in the work can have the same information at the same time and thus improve project management.


KM open

it is possible collects all information from every source. In addition, there is an advanced search for documents and administration tools for filling roles in the company.

This type of system enables:

  • Administration, creation, classification and maintenance of documents
  • Automatic problem solving and validation rules
  • Simplify the process Business via workflow

Open KM is aimed more at companies that need to exchange information and internal content between the various employees of the company via a workflow.


It is about one Document management system throughout its life cycle, from the first draft to the final document.

Its exceptional properties are:

  • Organization of the documentation Companies
  • Control of Content generation
  • Remote access
  • File storage
  • Save document versions

Athento is aimed at companies that a a large number of daily documents, helps reduce manual labor by creating intelligent automation for document classification, data retrieval, or mapping.


This decision tool Quonext facilitates design and solution management a documentary about the works carried out by the organization via Microsoft Dynamics 365, including:

  • Information management: Documents, tasks, schedules, etc.
  • Document management: Plans, budgets, licenses, etc.
  • Integration of tasks and documents: via Project Outlook and Office.

Quobbuilding aims to large construction companies, because he not only manages the work documents area, but also accompanies the entire process from the company’s finances to human resources.

STIMAT file manager

Lately we’ve seen the need to have it all quick work information and everywhere. For this reason we have included STIMAT in our budget generator File manager for every budget. In this way, you can not only quickly compile the customer’s budget, but also have all the information about this order organized.

Thanks to STIMAT file manager, you can, among other things:

  • All is well neatly in the same place, in the manager’s internal cloud
  • Download any kind Archiver
  • Download and access files also from your mobile phone or tablet
  • Add documents to your budget with one click

The STIMAT File Generator is designed to manage new construction and housing documents that help you interact with customers and share important information.

To work means to have one a large number of documents such as permits, contracts, subcontractors, customer specifications, blueprints or renderings, to name a few. If we have a file manager, we can have all of these documents at hand anywhere with just one click. We invite you Test the STIMAT file manager.