20 best repair companies in Catalonia

If you are planning a reform in any of the provinces of Catalonia, it is interesting that you know which of customers who have worked with them before will be rated the best. Do it!

Repairs from the best companies in Barcelona

Fermix Construcciones SL

If you look at their profile, you will find tons of photos of the work they have done throughout their experience. From comprehensive reforms to kitchen or bathroom renovations. The work of Constructions Fermix They come with a two year warranty and you can find quality professionals with personalized advice to answer any questions that individuals may have.

You work mainly in the province of Barcelona.

Estudi de Arquitectura & Eficiencia Energética GPA SL

A GPA was developed with a young team all projects in Catalonia. Although most of their projects are carried out in Barcelona, ​​they are accessible across Catalonia. They offer quality products and get jobs successful results and the satisfaction of those who trusted them.

You can see Photos of the work done On your account.

PlusQuePintura Havterne SL

Painting, decoration and reforms are three of the most common works he performs MasQuePintura Pheasant. With high-quality materials, they are committed to developing excellent work that is characterized by precision and purity. You can also do electrical, air conditioning, or plumbing work to make your home much more comfortable for the people who live there.

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C2EO 2012 SL

This construction company has more than 50 years of history, half a century that it has served in all types of buildings and spaces: in apartment buildings or even in renovation projects. In addition, they work with interior designers to provide the client with the best solutions and services for the work they want.

C2EO 2012 They work all over Catalonia

Restore group

Without making a change in your house but you can’t afford to work Restore group is the company you are looking for. Floors, walls and furniture specialists offer you the best solutions and the most practical materials for your home. The scope of this company is not limited to Catalonia, but also operates in Viscaya, Castellon, the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza.


The best repair companies in Girona

Build the best tools

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Build the best tools They can prove that they are one of the best construction companies in Girona with the jobs they support. In addition to comprehensive reforms, They also have a company that specializes in designing custom fireplaces. So if you need a company in Girona that meets these characteristics, do not hesitate to contact them.

Complete reform of the roses

When you need to reform the area Rosie, Empuriabrava or Palau Savardera you have to think about it. You have been in the industry for over 25 years. You will be prepared to resolve any unforeseen events resulting from this type of major reform and will be able to take part in any work you request: small or large reform. They will listen to you and put everything you imagined on paper. Don’t hesitate to get in touch Complete rose reforms.


Your goal: to completely reform your apartment or house when you are in the province of Girona. One of their main specialties is bathroom renovation, where they have priority Exchange of pipes, electrical systems or waste.

From the first call to the end of the job, get the best advice from the team. With a transparent budget, they always offer you the best solution in their hands. trust Ecoreforms.

Constructions and reforms Caryor SL

In order to meet customer needs, they adapt All projects, big or small. The experience they have gained over the past few years enables them to offer you the best jobs. Start by advising architects, surveyors, and designers to act on efficiency, speed, cleanliness, and economy.

If you need to reform Girona, you can Constructions and reforms by Carior whatever you are looking for.

He is Pintur

Excellent treatment of initial advice to the customer until the end of the job. The company has qualified and experienced employees who always base their work on cleanliness, care and efficiency and use materials of the highest quality.


The best companies are reforming Lleida


Companies with industry experience from 1982 The company offers the best services and solutions at the best price to those who need to carry out more or less important reforms any province of Catalonia (although they are in Leida). They provide a team with ethics, respect and responsibility, with the flexibility of the hours necessary to best adapt to the client.

connect to Josep if you are interested in quality work.


You can contact the company Almeida when you need to reform Barcelona, ​​Leida or Tarragona. His activities range from masonry, electrics, cabinet and door installation, plumbing, painting to a waterproof plumber.

Llobet carpentry

Founded as Family business in 1982, achieved in 2021 as one of the best renovation companies in Lleida. In their cover letter, they say that their best job is the pleasure of doing all kinds of projects. Effort and experience are essential to be able to work with the most innovative technologies: The 5-axis CNC milling machine is the latest addition.

Marty and Codina

Located in Tàrrrega, You are involved in all projects in Catalonia. The experience and dynamism with which the team works have led them to develop all types of projects: Renovation of houses, second homes, business premises and even owner associations.

Global reforms Lleida

You have been recognized as the best complete renovation company in Lleida. You are responsible for carrying out any type of reform in apartments, houses, kitchens and bathrooms, respecting the work category up to Price base price without losing a bit of quality in your projects.


The best companies are reforming Tarragona


A repair company that manages the work like in Homes of individuals and businesses. The range of projects they are dedicated to is very wide: insulation, vinyl cladding, soundproofing, waterproofing terraces or technical floors. connect to Mark and request a quote if you are interested in any of these tasks. You can find it if your job is in Barcelona or Tarragona.

Maubon’s reforms

His specialization is the implementation of building. From managing the site and the property to handing over the key to the customer. They have all kinds of professionals in their workforce: formwork, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters … Putting the planning of your work in your hands is a guarantee of success. I bet Maubon’s reforms if you want to reform your home in Tarragona.


The professionalism of this company has been acquired through many years of work in various industries. One of the best business cards they have is lto quality and perfection Projects they have already developed.

If you want to do repairs in Barcelona or Tarragona, you can contact him.

Decoplac reforms

You can find them in Reus (Tarragona) any kind of reform, either completely or of a specific room in the house. They also worked on renovating offices and premises, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, and many other projects.

Bet on Decoplac reforms is to do for a company that guarantees success.

Marius Palchu

With the scope of action in Barcelona and Tarragona, you will be satisfied with the work of Marius. It has all kinds of specialties: Installer of doors and cupboards, tiles, parquet, putty, painter or installer of waterproofing.