15 Maintenance Tasks You Can Do By Yourself

Maintaining our house’s most common services makes it more safe, functional and practical. Especially in these days we have to stay inside all day.

Sometimes we are unaware of the maintenance of our home because we see things collapse and we can’t stand it. But if we do frequent maintenance, we can Sign inbecause things last longer and the resulting damage, which can be more expensive, is avoided.

What else, a well-kept house increases its value if we want to sell it.

What does the upkeep of the house consist of?

As for the interior of our house, maintenance includes heating, water, gas, air conditioning and electrical systems. From the outside, you need to take care of the appearance of the walls, maintenance of the foundation to the roof and gardening.

It is true that things don’t last forever, but if we keep them in good condition, they will last longer and the damage associated with them will be reduced. It’s not about making electrical connections if you don’t know about them. This has to be completedsimple areas you can solve todaylike replacing a lightbulb or lamp.

Maintain cleaning all over the house, fix loose locks and other very simple chores, and improve the mood of the people living in the house.

How often does a house have to be serviced?

The rule of thumb is: the earlier, the better. Timely maintenance can prevent further damage and prevent further damage during repairs. The recommendation of Maintenance experts is that you check the whole house from the outside every 6 months.

Make a list of any amenities or cleaning chores the home needs and set a value based on its importance. You can also consult experts in the field to find out the cost of the repair. So you can Schedule maintenance for the whole house without becoming a real economic burden.

General outdoor housework

Of all the topics discussed, there are many arrangements that you can make yourself that will give your home a different look. Here are a few ideas.

Cleaning roof and river canals

From time to time it is necessary to clean the roof and keep the river channels free of leaves and obstructions. This is a great opportunity to check the overall condition of the tiles or the roof. In this way we prevent the water from stagnating and starting to produce moisture.

The openings usually have an opening for draining water when it rains. Always try to keep them clean with that do not collect water and enter the house. Use a high pressure water jet to clean all external openings in the house and ensure that the sewer system is working properly.

Check the glass on the door and window

Check the aging of all openings in the house. Especially when autumn comes. In this way you save heating costs and enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere.

Here you can see How to change the timeline of the door. And in this article, we’ll tell you How to change the window’s timeline.

If you have mosquito screens in any of your windows or doors, make sure they are in good working order. You must have set it as a goal do not enter any insects, If there are small holes or tears in them, they no longer perform this function and should be replaced.

Care of the garden and the surrounding trees

It is necessary to keep the garden of the house in good condition. The presence of a neglected garden makes the house look negative and does not invite you to relax. What else, When there are children it is safer to save the cut grass to see dangerous animals as long as they are there.

The more times you cut the foot, the easier it will be. If the grass grows more than 15 cm, the mower will be more stressed and the cleaning effort increased.

In addition, shrubs and trees should be pruned so that they do not grow randomly. Their uncontrolled growth can cause problems with power, telephone, or other cables.

To paint

Maintaining the exterior and interior paint of the house is one of the most important maintenance tasks that should be performed. Before you start painting, you need to check this out no fungus or damp spots. If so, they need to be repaired before painting.

There are colors that have the peculiarity of washing, making them ideal for places that are most frequented by children or pets. Thoroughly cleaning the walls will keep them clean without the need to paint more often.

We’ll tell you everything here washable colors.

General tasks for the interior maintenance of the house

Check the condition of the electrical system

Electricity is one of the details that we need to pay special attention to. You can replace a lightbulb with one that uses less energy, such as a light bulb. B. LEDs to save energy. But when it comes to electrical contact, it is better to seek the help of a professional electrician.

Replace filters for air conditioning systems

The air conditioner has a filter that you can use to purify the air. When contaminated, it turns into a culture of substances that we need to purify or eliminate. Therefore, cleaning or changing is required once a month or every two months.

With animals in the barn, the heating or air conditioning filters in the barn should be checked more often. This way we can bring health into our home, especially if someone is allergic.

In the next article we will tell you each one how long does the air conditioning need to be serviced and what tasks are associated with it.

General cleaning in the house

Keeping the house clean ensures that it is a safe place for its residents. Each area of ​​the house requires different maintenance. One of the places that often goes unnoticed is ceiling fans. Which tend to collect dust on their blades and cause allergies.

That’s right, there are many corners that can be unsanitary if not cleaned often. We’ll tell you in the next article How to clean the house to prevent dengue and coronavirus.

Tighten all screws and nails

The screws will loosen over time. Occasionally check the condition of locks, doorknobs, shelves, railings, and any item you see hanging from a screw or nail.

Especially the stationary furniture that is present in the house. Mainly tables, chairs or armchairs. Note that if a table falls over, it is very likely that something will break on it. If it is a chair, a falling person can cause serious injury. All of this can be done with a. be avoided annual inspection of screws and nails.

Kitchen and bathroom maintenance

Check the condition of taps and sewers in sinks, showers, and toilets. You can adjust some of these little precautions yourself to avoid damaging the furniture and endangering its occupants.

Replacement of the hood filter

It is important to keep the hood filters clean in order for them to function effectively. That consists in removing fats and toxic substances from the environment.

In this article we will explain it to you step by step How to clean the hood filters.

Empty the hot water tank

At least once a year, all water should be drained from the inside so that no debris builds up inside and gets into the pipe. We’ll tell you in the next article When should the water tank be changed and how should it be emptied.

Cleaning ceramic gaskets or gaskets

It is extremely important to keep the joints between kitchen and bathroom tiles in good condition and free from mold. In this way we share a healthy place. We’ll tell you in the next article How to clean the tile or ceramic joint.

Check the taps

Small particles that are washed away by the water inlet can clog the faucet or shower drain. If you notice the pressure drop, try cleaning. If lost, the crane can be damaged.

These repairs are vital as they can cause water loss, an unnecessary increase in your water bill, and damage to nearby furniture.

We’ll tell you in the next article how to change the faucet skin.

Check the pipes

It is important to check that all sinks and toilets are working properly. Nothing is more unpleasant than the water in a swimming pool. There are many effective solutions to prevent this from happening again in your home. Here we tell you How to disconnect a kitchen or bathroom hose.

You’ll also be interested in how easy it is. How to disassemble a siphon for the kitchen or bathroom.

Repair toilet leaks

One of the most common and annoying problems encountered in any household is water loss from the toilet. There are various reasons and of course the most efficient solution so that you can fix it right away.

We’ll tell you in the next article how to fix a water leak in a toilet backpack.