10 benefits of epoxy resin for flooring

One of the most modern ways to renovate the floor of a room or the whole house is epoxy resin. The trend is reinforced by the innovation of the material, resulting in a much more stable product with very nice finishes and suitable for all environments.

Finally, the longevity and the aesthetics of the finish convince those who want to quickly change the style of the floor. Although the list of benefits of using it is much longer, e.g self-leveling floor, without joints and very easy to maintain. However, we must know the disadvantages of its use in order to decide if it is the best material for our floor.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a thermosetting polymer in liquid form that is mixed with a catalyst to harden and form a stable and smooth film. The substances contained in the mixture are bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin.

The biggest advantage of this type of coating is that it can be applied to any floor without having to smooth and level it.. Therefore, the time and money spent on the work is less than other ground techniques.

One of the most controversial environments for floor remediation is the bathroom. Get to know the village relevant floors in bathrooms.

What are the advantages of using epoxy resin on floors?

The versatility of epoxy in terms of properties and performance allows it to be adapted to all types of floors and environments. Mainly because it waterproof, non-slip and very easy to care for. For this reason it is used where hygiene is important, e.g. B. in hospitals or laboratories. But its price has also made it a trend in homes.

  • chemical resistant
  • One of the great advantages of this material is that it resists corrosion by chemical agents and can therefore be disinfected with any product as often as necessary.

  • antimanchi
  • In addition, it is waterproof, does not absorb grease or liquids that may fall on it, thus resisting stains on the floor.

  • good support
  • An important characteristic of the floor when determining the environment in which to apply it is whether it will withstand heavy traffic. This type of coating has a high load capacity without damage. For this reason, it is used in parking lots and in heavy machinery.

  • Applicable on any surface
  • The existing floor does not have to be removed or leveled, it can be applied directly. Covers ceramic, concrete, wood or other surfaces. This quality makes the repair time much shorter, which reduces installation costs.

  • versatility
  • The properties of high resistance to moisture, chemicals and high temperatures make it an ideal coating for kitchens and bathrooms. Due to its resistance to heavy traffic, it can be used both outdoors and in the garage. It is therefore an ideal ceiling for all rooms in the house.

  • Variety of colors and coatings
  • You no longer have to worry about following the style of the environment. With epoxy resin you can choose the tone that you like the most and give it the best matte or glossy finish and why not glass so that everything is in harmony.

    If you like to be innovative and want to print a sea or forest landscape on the floor, just ask. Everything is possible thanks to new technologies that allow you to apply 3D designs such as landscapes to the floor of this very special space.

  • Easy maintenance
  • The absence of joints allows easy cleaning of the entire floor in one go. As it is non-absorbent, simply disinfect to remove any leftover material or spills on it.

  • self-leveling
  • The finish of this coating will always be smooth and continuous without worrying about the floor you want to cover. It is therefore ideal for giving small environments a new face and making them appear larger.

  • short drying time
  • The working time is very short because there is no need to remove the previous floor. All you have to do is apply the required products, smooth and wait for it to dry. That’s about 8 hours. After 24 hours, allow to circulate there in the usual way.

  • Without solvents
  • The absence of solvents in its application makes it easier to use. Because the apartment can be rearranged by rooms without affecting other rooms in the house as it does not emit strong odors during installation.

    What are the disadvantages of this coating?

    After seeing all the advantages of this material as a floor covering, we must consider the disadvantages that it entails when laying it to determine whether or not it is ideal for our home.

  • skilled worker
  • A smooth coating is achieved by using the right technique. Although this is a product that applies and dries quickly, if not installed correctly the coating will not perform as expected.

    The preparation of the material also determines how long the floor will last in perfect condition. The more skillful the floor layer is, the better it fits and the longer it lasts.

    Fortunately you are in the right place, here we give you a list Professionals applying epoxy to the floor and are satisfactorily recommended by their own customers.

    And if price is your biggest concern, we’ll give you one reference price list.

  • difficult to change
  • Here is the gist of its shortcomings. Once you’ve made a decision, you can’t easily change it. It’s a material that can be difficult to change. So if you decide to reform it in the future to renew it, this is a factor to consider.

    To maintain the smooth finish, you’ll probably need extra coverage every ten years. This can be done per sector or in the entire environment.

  • May have stains
  • Although it is not necessary to repair the sub-floor, it is important to check that no significant imperfections are visible on the applied resin layer. The installer can determine if the floor is in good condition to ensure professional coverage.

    How long do epoxy floors last?

    The lifespan of epoxy flooring depends on several factors, including installation. When the work is carried out by a specialist, attention is paid to the correct handling of the materials and their thickness. The thicker the top layer, the longer it will last.

    In some cases it is necessary Add a layer of another material like urethane to protect the top layer from scratches and prevent abrasion which can lead to the accumulation of microbes or simply poor visibility of the surroundings.

    Another factor affecting the lifespan of this flooring is traffic. In some cases it is necessary to apply an additional layer, especially if it is a parking lot for heavy machinery.

    The abrasives used in some labs can minimally damage the top layer. Hence when they appear Frequent spills can damage and wear down epoxy.

    Exposure to direct sunlight can, over time, cause chalky dust to peel off the top layer of the coating.

    The ground on which the fairing sits is also a factor to consider when dealing with an environment with heavy machinery traffic. The recommendation is to use a base soil with at least 2500 EPS.

    Taking all these factors into account, it can be stated that the epoxy coating will last more than 20 years in good condition.

    How do you keep an epoxy floor spotless?

    The lifespan of the epoxy floor depends on the maintenance carried out. One of the most important keys is to try not to leave any residue or materials that can scratch it like sandpaper. It is therefore important that the surface is always clean.

    It is better to use rags for cleaning than rough brushes. which can scratch the overlying antimicrobial coating. The products do not require the use of abrasives, disinfectants are usually the best option.

    If you notice any wear or small cracks, it’s best to repair them right away.

    When should the epoxy floor be replaced?

    Installation and maintenance are the most important factors in the life of epoxy resin. If you encounter blisters, scratches or abrasions, you need to fix it.

    One of the simplest alternatives is in Remove damaged areas with sandpaper and apply to the treated surface and throughout the area so that it has a consistent finish.

    This is the main detail that convinces everyone who wants to reform the apartment and that is that it is not necessary to destroy and completely change everything. It can be repaired sector by sector, saving time and money.

    If the epoxy doesn’t convince you, you have another option, which is the floating screed. Popular if a floating screed can be laid.