10 advantages of the first group for building purchases by and for reformers

At STIMAT always in constant innovation. Our main goal is to meet the needs of our customers so that they can achieve the highest profitability and profit margin. Therefore, after analyzing the market and the requirements of thousands of professionals on our platform, we implemented the new one Group for the purchase of construction work by and for the reformers That gives you the bargaining power of a large, small, or independent company.

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This STIMAT purchasing group will not break the reformer-distributor relationship, but will simplify and simplify it in order to make it more effective. And not only that, but also offers quick and easy, Online sales of all materials a job. But let’s take a closer look advantage There is a shopping group and to what extent we will simplify your daily life from now on:

Advantages of the STIMAT purchasing group

  • Their main goal is to offer you List of automatically required materials for each specific solution (for example, all the material required to make a drywall).
  • Group this material by distributors to be able to do this buy everything at once with the fewest number of dealers.
  • The purchasing group is configured for you Super discount Even if you are a small business, There is no minimum amount the monthly purchases you need to make to benefit from it, or a minimum annual fee
  • These The discount is directIt does not accumulate for the next purchase, but you will see it in the invoice for the purchase of your materials, so it is cheaper for you and therefore you can directly increase the profit margin of your order
  • Our team will take care of it Find the best discounts and update them in the budget generator so you don’t have to go through the entire catalog of our distributors if you don’t want to. What does that mean? For a considerable saving of time.
  • The STIMAT team is responsible Doing and negotiating deals and discounts For all of our users, so you don’t have to worry about negotiating, just enjoy the benefits.
  • We are all together Technology at your fingertips: You will see that thanks to the purchasing group you can create the shopping cart for an entire order directly from the budget and buy everything at the same time.
  • Our technology is Contact the dealers directly so that we can transfer this shopping cart to your online shop. You, the reformer, only have to create this shopping cart in your budget and place the order in e-commerce, the discount applies directly!
  • Buying building materials at once costs fewer kilometers. You will spend less gasoline YY You will wear your car less and thus you save more money every month.
  • So you save time What can you do reach more customers and grow your business.
  • What would you say? Great isn’t it? Remember, the new era of technology in the construction industry has arrived and you should take advantage of it! And it is that you buy online and participate in this digital platform more competitive than other reformers.

    How the purchasing group works

    If you want to know how it works, we’ll quickly wrap it up in 4 easy steps. But you better watch our video and if you have any questions, the entire STIMAT team is at your disposal:

  • Add products with% discount
  • You can see the total amount in the total budget
  • Click on the shopping cart
  • Click on « Order with … »
  • The purchasing group can use it free all STIMAT users who have accepted Metro or laser rate. We assure you that your subscription will be written off from the first purchase thanks to the huge discounts we receive. Would you like to learn more about this new service?

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