✅ Types of boilers: characteristics and consumption

Between different Types of boilers There are gas products on the market that guarantee a constant flow of hot water. But not all are created equal, and there are a few factors that you should consider. The following list shows you everything you need to consider before the installation.

How to choose gas water heater

There are differences between the different types of gas water heaters sold. Installation depends on the characteristics of the house, consumption or the number of people living in the house.

  • Properties of the property. The output of the heater is also measured You can heat liters per minute. They are also associated with flowbecause the diameter of the pipe is also larger. The common thing for a two bath home is a 11 liters, although it may be less in a study where only one or two people live. Something else would also be required if there were more than two bathrooms and several feet between the machine and the shower.
  • Consumption calendar. Timing is also important. When the showers are in the coldest hours, the water from the low-capacity radiator can come out lukewarm. This is due to the low temperature of the inlet water. The flow rates also show differences depending on the hour, since those of less than 11 liters are not sufficient.
  • Number of persons. In a home with more than one person, it is important to have a heater that can heat the shower water while the kitchen faucet is on or the cistern is flushed in the toilet.

Different types of gas heaters

Not all gas heaters use the same thing Type of fuel. Depending on the characteristics of the house, you will have to choose between Natural gas, butane or propane. These are the main characteristics of each of them. Before ordering, it is very important to specify what they will be used for as each has a different mechanism.

natural gas

Natural gas is mainly used for private households People. It offers several advantages over its propane and butane competitors.

  • price. It has the cheapest price per month. While it is true that it takes more flow to produce the same heating power, it is still cheaper provided it is used continuously.
  • Deliver. The supply is always constant, there is no risk that it will end at the worst time.
  • universe. The installation is difficult to take up space, so the holes in the house can be used much better.
  • security. The natural gas system is more robust and durable. Most installations are external and consist of copper tubing.

Propane gas

Propane gas This is the best option when there is no way to install natural gas. It can also be useful when not used often. In addition, this is indicated in places where the installation is outside the house and the temperature reaches negative values.

  • Superior performance. The caloric value is greater than the value of butane or natural gas. The price of the bottle is offset by a higher yield.
  • freezing point. It can withstand extreme temperatures without freezing, making it ideal for outdoor installations.

butane gas

Butane gas is the most common packaging. Unlike propane, it cannot be delivered in bulk; it is always bottled. This is the best option if you aren’t using too much gas, plan to use it in another house, or want to use it for a barbecue. Here are its main features:

  • Economically. The cylinder is cheaper than propane, although its performance is lower.
  • Easy delivery. It’s easiest to find in a bottle and in a range of facilities.

An alternative to gas heating

There are other types of heaters, such as Instantaneous water heaters, solar batteries or electric heaters. This is the most common of them electrical term, perfect for installation in homes where only electricity is available.

It is true that in the long run, it is less economical than gas powered. However, new models are being prepared They use a lot less and save a lot more heat. In addition, they have better corrosion resistance.

There are several types of water heaters at The Bath. Whether you are looking for them Gas or electricity, We have the model that best suits your needs. You can order yours directly on our website or contact us to guide you.