✅ 10 Things You Need to Know in Order to Complete a Complete Reform

Do it Integral reform It’s a complicated process and when you don’t even know where to start. In this article we will help you by showing you how to do it step by step to plan complete reform of your apartment.


1. Write down your needs

Usually we are aware that we need to renovate an apartment because the bathrooms and kitchen are outdated, the facilities are poor, etc. You seldom think about it What are your needs. Take a pen, piece of paper, and write down before contacting anyone. It is important not to think about finding a solution for them in this first moment, because in fact an architect or a decorator is the one who can take care of solving your problems.

2. Calculate online how much your 2021 comprehensive reform will cost.

It’s a hands-on time and we at Plan Reforma can help you: contacting a professional if you’re not sure you can afford all the jobs you can think of is lousy. So use ours The reform calculator is free, immediate and reliable and you will now receive the price for your reform. You can also take a few tests to see what reform you can afford.


It is a very accurate method of determination the cost of major reformMuch more than asking a friend quickly how much work it can cost you, no matter how professional. As an architect, I can tell you that I’ve been asked several times « Laura, how much would it cost me to renovate my bathroom and kitchen? »« . And honestly, without the dimensions and the calculator, the price I could tell you would be very crude, so we made the calculator in 2012.

You should also consider that The cost of reform depends on the square meters of your house and the qualities you have chosen. For example, the approximate price of a 70-square-foot home can range from $ 25,378.70 to $ 34,242.51.

3. Find a professional

You can Find a professional through your knowledge or through internet portals as with us: the reform plan. Either option is valid, although I don’t deny ours is the most convenient, and you will understand when I show you the other steps. The most important thing at this stage is Contact at least three professionalsBecause being able to compare three budgets helps you choose the one that best suits your needs economically and stylistically.


4. Select the qualities you want

I know it is customary to contact a professional directly. For example, if, depending on the type of construction, it is only a question of renovating the surfaces without changing the floor plan, there is no need to carry out a previous project (although it is also important with the finishes, which otherwise will be before you ask for budgets budget each for different qualities).

If you want to do it yourself it would be handy to know What qualities do you want: what type of floor, what taps, what kitchen furniture, electrical appliances, etc. If you go to … hire an architect or interior designer, he can help you choose the materials that suit your budget.

In Plan Reforma we help you define what you want ProjectDIY

Start planning your reform by:

a interactive budget onlineor where you can select products with prices, activate or deactivate items in the order and automatically recalculate the price.

You see in a Mood board or inspiration board How are the different materials and coatings you choose and now change them to see other options.

take it Material list Buildings with access to purchase links

You can Download all budget versions as PDF What do you want!

5. Compare offers

Like I said, it’s important that everyone budget the same because when everyone is budgeting for different items, you don’t even know how to start comparing budgets. Another benefit of the reform plan is that you can 4 online offers already compared.


6. Determine who you have the most feeling

We don’t get tired of saying it, and it’s something you don’t attach too much importance to at first, but it is essential in the end. Stick with who you feel most comfortable with. Reforming your apartment to make it your home is a process that will be fun once you go there. from someone you love, not just professionally but personally.

7. Employment contract

Very few of you have an employment contract and yet it is highly recommended. As I told you in another article for. said Minimize conflicting discussions or extras at work what can happen, we need to know what the reform budget should contain. This is essential in the renovation of old houses, where the appearance of extras is much more common because more hidden defects can appear.

Also, consider the factors that can affect the length of time the reform takes and the inconvenience that it creates.

8. Know what building permits to apply for and if you can help with your reform.

Often asked Building permit: Certainly for lack of knowledge. Most of the work requires very simple processing permits…. Architect or decorator It manages all the necessary licenses. If you do the job yourself, go to your town hall and ask, nothing will happen! I understand many of you are scared Building permit. They are neither very expensive nor very complicated and on the other hand you will stifle the screams of the neighbors by hanging your driver’s license on the door of the house (besides, if you have documents in order they cannot tell you if you have anything about the noise that employees perceive during working hours).

Definitely if you have some Neighborhood problem, ask your architect or decorator to talk about it: they are more of a legal basis and are there to save you worry.

Finally, it should be remembered that the government will publish in 2018 National Housing Plan 2018-2021, but extended until 2022 due to the Covid-19 crisis.

9. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t like something

You always plan and learn well the project for a complete renovation of your apartmentbut when you build it you don’t like it It is true that professionals do not like these sudden changes, it is better to show it off Before you remember it for the rest of your life. Of course, you have to accept the economic or technical implications.

10. And … be patient!

Be patient when you start… Rome was not conquered in a day! You don’t want everything to work. In order for everything to be under control, as I said, you have to plan all qualities well and that … takes time.

Be patient when unforeseen events occur, it is normal,, especially the old floor. Many of these extras are difficult to predict and reassuring at first because a good professional will find the right solution.

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